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Others Interview Experience

Sify Technologies - Chennai 25.Sep.2017 I have attended interview through on-campus drive. Round 1 : ( 50 questions - 60 minutes) Very very basic questions from different domains. We are allowed to choose anyone of the given domains 1. Networking ( Basics of Computer Networks) 2. C.M.S. ( Cloud and OS ) 3. Application Development ( OOPS/Java basics with some questions on OS, DBMS, CA, DS and CD ) In each domain , there will be Aptitude, verbal and logical questions which are very easy ones. ( I have chosen Application Development) Round 2: Technical and General HR Questions will be mostly based on resume. I have been asked to write a logic for chess game since I have mentioned chess in my resume. Asked to write any sorting algorithm. Most questions were from DBMS as I have mentioned SQL in my resume. Finally, I got shortlisted for job offer in Application Development domain. Thank you!