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//Program To Find The  Element Not In Pair { In 0(n) Complexity } // Returns 0 If All Elements Are Paired

int findUnpairedElement(int arr[],int n){    
    int unpaired_element = 0;                               
    for(int i=0; i<n; i++){                            //xor properties
        unpaired_element ^= arr[i];       // a ^ 0 = a 
    }                                                                       // a ^ a = 0                
    return(unpaired_element);            // so each time duplicate element is encountered its gets cancelled

/* Happy Leaning */  :-)

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//Program to print range of N numbers using Stream in Java
import java.util.*;
import java.util.stream.*;
public class Hello {

    public static void main(String[] args) 
	     Scanner s=new Scanner(System.in);
	     int N=s.nextInt(); // Input from user 
	     IntStream.range(1,N+1).forEach(n->{System.out.print(n+" "); } );


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Others Interview Experience

I am Writing about the Product Based Company Ndot-Coimbatore It consists of five rounds Round 1: Aptitude(More about Time & Distance , Percentages) Results will be announced with in a week or two Round 2: All the round 1 selected Candidates will be gathered at a campus in and aroundCchennai.(i went to VIT-Vellore) There you will undergo coding test(3 out of 5). I followed skill rack Dialy challenge and Tracks and I am sure that Skill rack platform will definitely help u to get out of it. Round 3: Group Discussion Round 4: Technical Here they concentrate on confidence levels. For me they have given two real time problems and observed my approach and also 4-5 core cs questions. Round 5: HR They will discuss about the packages and some Management stuff. Round 6: Verdict: Selected :)

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Others Interview Experience

had applied for "Aspire Systems" recruitment held at our college. It was just one day process with 4.5L package. The process had 3 rounds. Round 1 - Aptitude and Technical MCQ Round 2 - Programming Round 3 - HR Interview The Round 1 had 25 Aptitude Questions and 10 C Aptitude. The aptitude questions were 80% logical reasoning and rest quands, but all easy. The C Aptitude was too easy. You can clear this round easily. The Round 2 was programming. Each person were asked similar or different questions. To me they asked a program on string manipulation, recursion of main function and implementation of binary tree. I did the first 2 but couldn't do the last one. So i could not clear this round. The Round 3 was just for formality. A HR round. Normal questions were asked about you and family. Those who went into this round got selected. The thing was they tried to eliminate as much people as possible in 2nd Round. They were looking how different is your approach in solving a program from others.

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Others Placement Drive

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Iam Kishore S .I thought,I should share my interview experience so that it might in some way help someone, I have attended interview in IBM.there where three round. 1st Round(section 1: number series 18 questions,section 2:quantitative aptitude 18 questions, 2.30 mins for every question, if you miss to submit your answer for 3 consecutive times then you ll be locked), 2nd round(business assessment test: 20 questions to be answered in 22 mins), 3rd round(java coding round: we'll have to write a program and ll have to pass both the test cases in 60 mins). * In aptitude number series questions were easy,just solve as many as you can, and aptitude questions were time consuming so try and solve as many as you can so that you ll be able to get the answer in time *Business assessment(English) questions were repeated from previous year. * For java coding round just focus on Strings, same programs are being asked, just try to get the hang of buffer class, try and take inputs using buffer class, else with scanner class. Results were announced and those who could clear the rounds were called for document verification and I was asked to report for technical+HR round day after. In technical and HR round,the question asked for me are 1.Tell me about yourself I introduced myself and he started to cross question me on my strengths and weaknesses, which i had told him while introducing myself. 2.Asked about my project? 3.Who is the CEO of IBM? 4.When did she(CEO) start her career at IBM? 5.What's cloud computing ? 6.About recent trends in IT industry? 7.About recent technology in IBM ? 8.About digital India ? 9.How long would you be working at IBM ? so the interview lasted for like 25 mins. My advice is to communicate well with HR,prepare your resume and your project properly,they don't ask any out of the box questions,they l will just be asking you about your project and whatever you mentioned in your resume.