Others by VISHAL T on 29-Aug-2016 01:52 PMSolved
The age of Saroja is 2 times the age of vijya. the age of revathi is 20 years less than vijya . if revathi's current age is 39 . what is the age of vijya and saroja ?

Others by PAGADALA SAIMOHAN REDDY on 29-Aug-2016 11:11 AM
What is synonym of scolding....?
A.  Praising
B.  Abusing
C.  Supporting
D.  None of these

Others by RANGEELA.D on 6-Aug-2016 04:19 PMSolved
a)645 b)545 c)481 d)440 e)429

Others by Lakshman Muthiah Venkatachalam on 24-Jul-2016 05:40 PM

The months of the calendar have been coded in the following ways:
January = 2381
February = 1992
March = 2663
April = 1464
May = 2645
June = 2356
July = 2357
August = 1478

Can you find how to code December ?

Others by SARAVANAN S on 6-Jul-2016 10:52 PM

'A' reaches the 100m races in 27 seconds and 'B' reaches in 30s in 100 race. What distance B beat by A?