if RED=6702 then GREEN=??

Solution Required by Gogu Rudra Sri Harsha on 12-Sep-2016 22:55
if RED=6702 then GREEN=??
VARUN AGARWAL on 16-Sep-2016 09:12
BALAJI V on 16-Sep-2016 14:21
how is it posible
SINDHU.R on 16-Sep-2016 15:45
BALAJI R on 17-Sep-2016 10:24
PATIL PRADYNESH ARJUN on 17-Sep-2016 14:02
RED=6702 D=4+2=6 E=5+2=7 R=18+2=20 so DER=6702 in reverse manare so green will be N=14+2=16 E=5+2=7 E=5+2=7 R=18+2=20 G=7+2=9 now write it in reverse NEERG=6177029
BALAJI V on 19-Sep-2016 16:50
can u explain me
MARUPUDI SAI RISHIKESH on 19-Sep-2016 18:30
ya please
CHANDRA SUBRAMANIAN M on 21-Sep-2016 15:54
ANIKET NITIN MAHAJAN on 22-Sep-2016 12:11
PRAJWAL GUPTA on 29-Sep-2016 16:00
Maganti roopesh on 1-Oct-2016 15:48
M.GOKULNATH on 11-Oct-2016 22:07
zero remainder
ANUJ GUPTA on 13-Oct-2016 12:35
zero remainder because 23*23=529 and in 50! it contains 23 and 46 . hence remainder is zero
ANUJ GUPTA on 13-Oct-2016 12:42
green g=2+7=9 r=2+18=20 e=2+5=7 e=2+5=7 n=2+14=16 read reverse = 6177029
RENUKA on 18-Dec-2016 16:54
CHITTETI VAMSI REDDY on 25-Dec-2016 22:05
GOKUL R on 18-Jan-2017 02:06
AASTITVA JAIN on 18-Jan-2017 15:20
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K SARAVANA on 30-Jan-2017 08:42
SHEIK MOHAMMED S on 30-Jan-2017 14:55
SATHISH MADHAN V on 31-Jan-2017 13:57
SATHISH MADHAN V on 31-Jan-2017 13:59
R=18, E=5, D=4 R = 18 + 2 = 20 E = 5 + 2 = 7 D = 4 + 2 = 6 RED = D (6) E (7) R (20) = 6720 GREEN = NEERG = (14+2) (5+2) (5+2) (18+2) (7+2) = 1677209
REENA on 1-Feb-2017 14:50
Anup Mandhana on 13-Feb-2017 10:45