C/Java PROGRAMMING KICKSTART in Bengaluru (Bangalore)5 months ago

SkillRack.com is an online platform to learn from programming basics to enhance your skills till competitive programming.

SkillRack is arranging a free half day orientation session for the 2018 batch students who are not yet placed. The session will consist of the following.

- 10 programming concepts and solving related programs asked in major IT companies hands-on (You will solve the programs using www.skillrack.com) and SkillRack mentors will assist you.

When is this session happening?
- The session will be happening on 11th October 2018 from 10:00 am to 12:30 noon at our Bengaluru office address mentioned below.


What is the cost involved?
- The orientation session is free and you need not pay for it.

Why is the session free (as every one has a business motive)?
- We are doing it free as a promotional activity

What's the count of participants allowed?
- Only 30 are allowed in a session. Hence please register at this Google Form link entering your email and phone number. We will email and confirm the approval of your registration.

The Google Form link is  https://goo.gl/forms/tzrvQmJNqrWiyIPE2

What should you bring?
- Bring your own laptop or two can share one laptop (if your friend has one)
- You must your mobile HOTSPOT to connect to internet and solve the programs using www.skillrack.com