INFOSYS Test Pattern 2019 Batch - LATEST2 years ago

INFOSYS Campus Hiring TEST Pattern (The campus hiring online test pattern has not been changed for the past 4 years. The latest Infosys pattern for 2018 - 2019 graduation batch is given below.

Test Duration: 95 minutes
Total Questions: 65
Sectional Cut-Off: Yes it is present
Negative Marking: No (There is no negative marking for all the three sections)

3 Sections in the test are
Section 1: Quantitative/CryptArithmetic/Analytical Puzzles: 10 questions in 35 minutes
Section 2: Logical/Analytical Reasoning : 15 questions in 25 minutes
Section 3: Verbal :  40 questions in 35 minutes.

But Infosys changes the question by preparing different question sets for each event. So while you will get the similar pattern of questions, it is difficult to get the exact questions repeated.

Section 1 Quantitative/CryptArithmetic/Analytical Puzzles Topics:
 - Time Speed & Distance
 - Crypt Arithmetic
 - Percentages
 - Profit & Loss
 - Mensuration/Geometry
 - Permutation & Combination
 - One analytical puzzle where data is given and 3-4 questions are asked based on the given data.

Observation: 5-6 questions will be easy to solve. Remaining questions will be time consuming - particularly crypt arithmetic and the analytical puzzle questions.
Section 2 Logical/Analytical Reasoning Topics:
 - Data Interpretation / Logical Puzzle
 - Logically Following Options/ Syllogism questions modified in a different manner
 - Data Suffiency
Observation: Easiest section to solve if you have practised similar type of questions earlier.
Section 3 Verbal Topics:
 - Reading Comprehension
 - Theme Detection (Inference from a passage)
 - Sentence Correction / Improvement
 - Sentence Completion (Fill in the blanks type)
 - Remaining questions from a variety of topics like One word substitution, Synonyms and Antonyms etc but the above 4 are asked often.

The verbal section contains lengthy paragraphs for Reading Comprehension and is time consuming. The time to be spent on a single question (40 to be answered in 35 minutes) is a mere 52 seconds. Also the theme detection questions consists of paragraphs which take time to read. So one must be grazing fast through the paragraphs and answer really quick (Must not spend more time on a single question as time management is important in Verbal section)

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