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First Round is Aptitude round. Total Duration - 95 minutes Quantitative aptitude - 10 questions -35 minutes Verbal Ability - 40 questions - 35 minutes Logical Reasoning - 15 questions - 25 minutes In order to clear Verbal cut-off, you have to be real good in Vocabs and grammar part. They asked 2 Reading Comprehensions with Medium difficulty level In logical reasoning, 3-4 questions were asked from syllogisms and set of questions from arrangements Quants comprises of a DI with 5 questions. one question for sure will come from Crypt arithmetic. Second Round is Technical HR round. He asked some usual-interview questions like, 1.tell me about yourself 2.explain me about your final year project Then he asked me to write a program to sort elements of an array in ascending order. Later he asked few situation based questions