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Short method to two GCD of two numbers in CPP

It comes under algorithm library of CPP so , #include<algorithm> is must to use this function.

using namespace std;
int main() {
  int a , b;
  int gcd = __gcd(a,b);
  return 0;


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ZOHO Interview Experience

Zoho interview process This is a generic process which is followed by zoho for all campus placements. Round 1 - MCQ MCQ question on the following sections. Easy Programming MCQ Medium Programming MCQ Aptitude MCQ questions were like find the output and values of variables after execution. It would be happening online or through pen and paper. Whoever is passing the base cutoff which is set will be shortlisted for the next round. Round 2 - Programming 6 programming questions will be given. The questions will be in medium level which you would come across while practicing for placements. They will check for code and output once you finish a question. They will give test cases manually and check for output. You must be capable of finishing at least 4 programs(depends on the competitors) to pass this round. Finishing 5 will ensure you to go to next round. Less than 1/2 will be be shortlisted for the next round. Round 3 - Extreme Programming This round is a programming round where they will give you a problem statement with 5-6 tasks under it. You have to use oops concept to solve the problem. They will see for code readability, modularity, efficiency, problem solving ability and approach. Sample problems are available in geeks for geeks. Design a taxi booking app(console based) is one of them (refer http://www.geeksforgeeks.org/zoho-interview-set-3-campus/ ) The ones who do 4 or 5 tasks ( depending on problem ) with proper code readability will get selected for the HR round Round 4 - Face to Face interview There might be 2 rounds technical and culture fit HR rounds which are just for formality and it would be easy with some simple questions. Tip: you can use any programming language (C,C++ or Java) but java is preferred as most of the people in zoho work in java. All the best!!